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Mueller Abfallprojekte GmbH

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Research activities in biogas technologies

Knowledge sharing and networking

Training in language skills in German, technical German, and business German, and complex new agri-engineering internal courses. Knowledge sharing about small and medium scale biogas plants production. Conducting 12 workshops in their company for sharing knowledge. Joint preparation of two international conferences, 1 exhibition, 8 articles and 2 monographs written in co-authorship.

staff members

Stephan Hinterberger 

Mr. Hinterberger’s background is in the field of business administration. He has been employed by Mueller Abfallprojekte GmbH for 17 years and was instrumental in the development of the 3A-biogas process. Through these years of experience in the field of renewable energy, he has been able to build up comprehensive know-how in this area and has already successfully applied this acquired knowledge in practice on several occasions.  Numerous national as well as international projects have been successfully managed by him.

Sophie Mueller, BA

Ms. Mueller started her apprenticeship at Mueller Abfallprojekte GmbH in 2016. She completed her part-time bachelor’s degree in controlling, accounting and financial management in 2022 and now works as an executive assistant and supports project management.