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Politechnika Łódzka

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Experimental research for the production of bio-based products (biofuels, biochar for fertilizers, biosorbents).

The process design of the biomass dryer, pyrolizers, gasificators and counter-flow torrefaction reactor using steam and biomass steam boilers design, operation and exploitation. Application of Open Science and Open Innovation methodology.

Knowledge sharing and networking

Training in thermo-chemical conversion techniques mentioned above and production of bio-based products and control of their physical-chemical properties.

Sharing knowledge by conducting seminars to show R&D project results and products like characteristics of biofuels, biochar and biosorbents (inviting Bioenergy National Task Force from each participating country representing: bioenergy scientists, students, engineers, farmers, sawmills owners, governmental representatives and fertilizers producers), workshop with international participation for studying Open Science and Open Innovation methodology (60 academic hours of active learning: technical English – conduct by PG partner from UK, lectures – pyrolysis, gasification, hydrothermal carbonization from AU (UK).

Conducting 18 seminars, 8 interactive lectures sharing knowledge. Joint preparation of two international conferences, 1 exhibition, 8 articles and 2 monographs.

staff members

Dr. Szymon Szufa
of BioTrainValue Project

Dr. Szufa has 12 years of experience in fuel characterization as well as skills for the analysis of the ashes and deposits produced in biomass combustion, MBA in the Power Engineering (Lazarski University in Warszawa). Research activity in distributed energy system using upgraded torrefied biomass for cogeneration units, additives for fertilizers and active carbon production as a core technology for energy and agriculture systems. MSC thesis: Oxy-fuel combustion”, Ph.D. thesis in 2014 (“Biomass torrefaction and co-firing – process modelling”).

Now Prof. Assistant at TUL, POSTDOC Ireland (NUI Galway), POSTDOC Wroclaw University of Life Science, of: “F-CUBED Future Feedstock Flexible Carbon Upgrading to Bio Energy Dispatchable carriers,, H2020 (nr. 884226) BECOOP: “BECoop-Unlocking the community energy potential to support the market uptake of bioenergy heating technologies”, Horizon 2020 No 952930), R&D PM WEDISTRICT: “WEDISTRICT Smart and local reneWable Energy DISTRICT heating and cooling solutions for sustainable living, BIOCARBON: „BIOCARBON – Modern technology biomass torrefaction process to produce fuel mixtures, biocoal as additives for fertilizers, activated carbon for energy sector, agriculture, civil engineering and chemical industry”, (LIDER/43/0155/L-9/17/NCBR/2018).

Expert in the Operat. Group: National Task Force: NUTRI2CYCLE H2020:

MSc. Hilal Unyay
Ph.D. Eng. Candidate (Coordinator Assistant of BioTrainValue Project)

Ms. Unyay has BSc. Chemical Engineering and MSc. Environmental Engineering background from Turkey, which is focused on biotechnology, sustainability, and bioenergy production. Ph.D. Topic: “Integration of a Wet Innovative Superheated Steam Agri-woody Biomass and Biogas Solid Residue (BSR) Torrefaction System Towards Maximal Heat Recovery for Industrial Applications”. For her MSc.

She focused on the anaerobic digestion/fermentation of lignocellulosic biomass (switchgrass) to produce biogas (biomethane) and bioethanol.

Now she is studying and working at Politechnika Lodzka (TUL) in the Chemical Engineering department as a doctoral candidate. Project Manager of TORBIOS- ‘Torrefaction of agricultural biomass, wood and solid biogas residues (BSR), construction of a batch reactor using super-heated steam’ Preludium-21 NCN.

Lukasz Adrian
Ph. D, Eng.

Is a heat transfer and heat storage expert at the Department for the Development of Innovative Programme Management (National Centre and Development) his position is Method – Project Manager for Heat and Cool Storage (European Innovation Procurement Awards 2021). 

Ksawery Kuligowski
Ph. D, Eng.

Expertise in environmental engineering, biowaste management, biogas, agrochemistry, soil science. INTERREG R&D projects within manure management, soil fertility and biogas production, BALTIC MANURE (Baltic Sea Region), WETLANDS, ALGAE AND BIOGAS (South Baltic Programme).

10 years thermally gasified pig manure ash utilization as phosphorus fertilizer and soil ameliorant – Denmark.