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Technical University of Crete

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Research activities on subjects related to bioeconomy, distributed energy systems, cost analysis on installations for biomass torrefaction process. Research on intelligent energy conversion systems based on biomass or hydrogen.

Knowledge sharing and networking

Training in electricity production, steam production and modelling electrical energy by designing model of SHS biomass torrefaction process using professional software: includes the analysis and optimisation of the turbine-generator-system. The aim is to develop a scalable prototype that reconciles the two optimisation criteria of overall efficiency and size. For this purpose, a machine test stand is installed at WHZ, which enables the emulation of a real turbine-generator-system in order to be able to achieve high-quality research results independent from the superheated steam process. Management of bioeconomy enterprises. Conducting 18 seminars, 8 interactive lectures sharing knowledge. Joint preparation of 2 international conferences, 1 exhibition, 8 articles and 2 monographs in co-authorship 

staff members

Professor Dr. Johann Zitzelsberger

Born 1971 in Bogen/Lower Bavaria, studied electrical engineering at Chemnitz University of Technology after training as an energy and electronics technician specializing in plant engineering. He received his doctorate in 2006 in the field of electrical drive technology on the topic “Space vector modulation to reduce common-mode bearing currents”. From 2007, Dr. Zitzelsberger developed at ESW GmbH highly integrated drive electronics for mobile applications and managed numerous development projects as technical project manager. In 2013 he switched to senior management and, as technical manager at Pfannenberg GmbH, he was responsible for development, product management and customer service of technical systems for control cabinet air conditioning and signalling technology.

Since 2015 Dr. Zitzelsberger is CEO of sys-o-tec innovation consulting, a development agency that specializes in the technological design of energy and drive systems related to the megatrend of Industry 4.0. In 2020 he was appointed full professor at the chair of electrical machines and drives at the university of applied sciences in Zwickau. Professor Zitzelsberger is a member of numerous national and international professional and business associations such as the BVMW, VDE and IEEE.

Photo Copyrights, Silke Dinger.

Professor Dr. H. Christian Brauweiler

Born in 1965, at 1993- 1995 research assistant at the chair for economics at the Technical University of Zittau (now: Hochschule Zittau-Görlitz). 2000 Doctorate on the subject of innovation economics at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, parallel managing partner in a management consultancy partnership.  2004-2005 deputy professor for investment and financing at the Dresden University of Applied Sciences (FH), since 2004 appointed professor for controlling and accounting at the AKAD University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig, as well as 2006-2010 pro-rector and department head and 2010-2013 rector and department head at the AKAD. Working at the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences in Zwickau since 2013. 2017 Awarded an honorary doctorate from the Volgograd State University (RU) for many years of research and teaching cooperation, 2017 honorary professorship for several years of commitment in international teaching and projects by the Ural Academy for Administration, Economics and Law Yekaterinburg (RU), 2021 Awarded honorary professorship from the DKU German Kazakh University in Almaty for many years of teaching and research work, founding membership in the foundation board, support in the committees, in international student and staff exchange and as a project manager. In April 2022 appointment as Prof. hc of the N. Isanov Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transportation and Architecture.

Specialist and research focuses

– financial management, risk management, controlling, accounting, auditing, Basel agreement

– environment/ Sustainability

– university development and management

– blended learning

Teaching activities

– Over 30 years of teaching experience (tutorials, seminars, exercises, lectures), including over 15 years as a professor

– Experience with international students and double degrees (IHI Zittau; partner universities, especially in Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation and Kyrgyzstan)

– Guest lectures and guest professorships in Poland, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Russia (in German and English and other countries

– additional courses at other educational institutions