BIOmass Valorisation via Superheated Steam Torrefaction, Pyrolisis, Gasification Amplified by Multidisciplinary Researchers TRAINining for Multiple Energy and Products’ Added VALUEs

Superheated Steam Torrefaction for high-level solid biofuels.

Biomass torrefaction is used to produce high-level solid biofuels. The EU-funded BioTrainValue project will develop and test new technologies and equipment for biomass torrefaction with the application of superheated steam for high-value innovative bio-based products at the European scale.

The project will provide new methodologies and experimental data for innovative small-scale reactors and agro-energy technology for treated solid biofuels with increased calorific value, reduced biodegradability, increased bulk and energy density, and cheaper transport and storage.

BioTrainValue will also result in direct bio-products, such as biofuels, fertilisers with better characteristics and biocarbon as an additive to fertilizers for agriculture and activated carbon for the chemical and energy industries.

Grant agreement ID101086411
Start date1 January 2023
End date31 December 2026
Funded underMarie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA)
Total cost€ 0,00
EU contribution€ 993 600,00
BioTrainValue Kick-Off Meeting 19-20 January 2023
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BioTrainValue Kick-Off Meeting 19-20 January 2023

The gathering took place at Politechnika Lodzka TUL premises in Lodz, Poland, spanning two great days on January 19th – 20th, 2023. We are delighted to have had a remarkable experience during this two-day event, engaging in fruitful explorations, connecting with our partners, and strategizing for the future of our project. Key discussions encompassed the…

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First, test post

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