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Technical University of Crete

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LCA, SWOT analysis, PESTEL, Monte Carlo analysis and environmental assessment.

Knowledge sharing and networking

Knowledge sharing via training by Greek professionals and via learning by doing by conducting techno-economical analysis on thermo-chemical installations using specialized software like: SimaPro, Umberto, EcoChain, Gabi, open LCA. Conducting 18 seminars, 8 interactive lectures sharing knowledge. Joint preparation of two international conferences, 1 exhibition, 8 articles and 2 monographs written in co-authorship.

Task 2.2 Secondment of Evangelos Machairas second semester 2023 Conducting research activities and training via “learning-by-doing” and special training activities (M4 – M5 – research at the academic partner; M4 – M5, M7 – M8, M10 – M11, M13 – M14 – at the non-academic partner) Responsible: TUL, Dr. Eng. Szymon Szufa; AF, Mr. Robert Johnson.

Task 4.2. Conducting research activities and training via “learning-by-doing” and special training activities (M34 – M35; M37 – M38 – research at the academic partners; M34 – M35, M37 – M38, M40 – M41, M43 – M44 – at the non-academic partner) Responsible: TUC, Dr. Stelios Rozakis; WHZ, Prof. Hans-Christian Brauweiler; APS, MSC Piotr Piersa

Task 4.3. After-secondment activities: reintegration, skills sharing (M45 – M47) Responsible: TUC, Dr. Stelios Rozakis

staff members

Professor Dr. Stelios Rozakis

The Director of the Laboratory of Bioeconomy and Biosystems Economics in the School of Chemical and Environmental Engineering. He holds a Bachelor degree in Economics from the Athens Univ. of Economics and Graduate Degrees in Sociology (Univ Paris Sorbonne, France)Sociology), in Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA, Indiana University), and PhD in Agricultural Economics from the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece. Previous responsibilities comprise Directorship of the MBA in Agribusiness and the Entrepreneurship and Tech Transfer project in the Agricultural Univ. of Athens (2010-2015).

Expert in Operations Research and Policy Analysis applied to agriculture, energy, and the environment. The editorial board of international academic journals, guest editor in AgBioForum (2018) and (with E.Carayannis and E.Grigoroudis) in the Journal of Technology Transfer (2018): “From Agri-science to Agri-business” and Energies (2022): “Bioeconomy for resilient post-COVID economies”. H2020 Widening ERA Chair H2020 for 2017-2018. New Strat. on Bioeconomy in Poland, Dept Bioeconomy and Systems Analysis, Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation. 2019 – 2022, Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment for Distributed Manufacturing: the case of small wind turbines and 3d printers, Young Research Program, Bioeconomy Lab, School of Chem and Env Eng., TUC, Hellenic Found. for RAI.

Professor Dr. Konstantinos Komnitsas

Holds a PhD degree in Hydrometallurgy, director of the Lab. (i) Waste Manag. and Soil Decontamin., (ii) Ceramics and Glass Technology and (iii) Ore Beneficiation of the School of Mineral Resour. Eng. of Technical Uni. Crete. Expert in hydro- and bio-hydrometallurgy, waste manag. and valorizat., new materials, soil decontam., enviro. risk assess. and LCA studies. National representat. by the Greek General Secret.of Research and Tech. for research issues to FP6. Previous involvement in research in TUC includes 2012 – 2015. Deve. of an integrated methodology for the management, treatment and valorisation of hazardous waste (WasteVal), Thalis project, b.: 521,000€, Greek Min. of Edu.,; 2012 – 2017. Sustainable strat. for the improvement of seriously degraded agricultural areas:The example of Pistachia vera L. LIFE+ Enviro. Policy and Governa. 2011, Agrostrat, LIFE11 ENV/GR/951, TUC b.: 175.233 €, 2016-2020. Metal Recovery fromv Low Grade Ores and Wastes (Metgrow+), RIA, H2020, fund. by EU, Grant n° 690088, b.: TUC: 437,125 €,; 2018 – 2020. INVALOR: Research Infrastructure for the Valorization of Wastes and Sustainable Management of Resources, funded by the Greek Min. of Econ. and Develo., b.: TUC 700,000 €,, 2018 – 2022. Innovative technologies for climate change mitigation by Mediterranean agricultural sector, LIFE17 CCM/GR/000087 (ClimaMed project), TUC b.: 151,111 €,, 2019 – 2023. Value chains for disruptive transformation of urban biowaste into biobased products in the city context (WaysTUP!), H2020, CE-SFS-25-2018, Inno. action, TUC b. 425,625 €.

Evangelos Machairas

Holds Mineral Resources Engineering Diploma and Masters in Environmental and Geotechnical Engineering. He has experience in the private and public sector in the capacity of Mineral Engineer and is currently a doctoral candidate in the School of Mineral Resources Engineering entitled “Cost Benefit Analysis & Risk Assessment of Mining Activities in Terms of Circular Economy and its Environmental Impact”